Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NoMoROBO: you need to be able to set up your smart phone properly first

I tried to set up NoMoRobo for my landline, which is now on Xfinity, and found that the Xfinity "Voice 2go" needs to be on my smart phone, which is right now Droid and Verizon.  Xfinity explains the steps here.
I do have a droid, but it is looking like this will be much easier after I replace the phone, with the contract due up in February.  And just what the new contract will offer, well, that gets back to the "net neutrality" and data access debate, doesn't it.

It appears that "Voice 2 go" would make it easier to monitor hone landline phone access when on the road, which is a plus for home security.

Everyone is talking about "NoMoRobl", so here is the link. But it may not be quite as simple to set up as the media has made it look.  Liz Crenshaw has recently reported about it on NBC Washington. 

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