Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Metro Transit machine eating debit cards -- another security problem?

Last night, I had a misadventure in at Metro Center, in the Washington DC Metro, adding to my smartcard.  That is, the card reader ate my debit card.  I had to wait forty minutes for a technician to come to open the machine and get the card out. 
It turns out there was a regular ticket below the debit card, so apparently the magnetic ticket messed up the machine.  That raises the idea that a thief might insert thin paper cards in the credit and debit card receptacles, with the idea of returning and somehow getting the debit cards out and using them.

Curiously, the machine did not even go out of order, fooling other consumers. 
I was on the way home.  Had I been on the way to a paid event, I would have had to either forfeit the ticket or leave the debit card at risk until I could get it canceled on a computer.  I’m not set up yet to do this on a mobile phone.  Maybe I should be.

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