Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Been Verified" lets anyone look up anyone else's public records, but it's really a two-way street

I got a tweet promoting "Been Verified", as a replacement for search engines.  I went ahead and signed up for a few months, just to see what is out there on myself.  The service shows all data from public records (and that means where you live and home number) and claims to show social media, but that's only Facebook and LinkedIn, no mention of blogger, twitter, or personal sites.

Much of the information is also on a credit report, but you have to be a lender or employer or legitimate member to order a report.  Yes, people will use this service to check out prospective dates.  Or for dangerous purposes, maybe.  But the information is out there anyway.  There is no privacy anyway.

The service will also tell you, by email, if anyone orders a report on you, which is a good thing to know,

No, I don't include to "check up on people" out of curiosity.  Have no concerns.  Unless I tell you myself, I won't run this on "you".  The TOS says you can't use it for employment decisions, just "personal".

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