Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Instant Checkmate" is more than an opening trap in chess

AOL News is informing its subscribers of another site that allows one to check up on potential dates, employees, etc.  It’s call “Instant CheckMate”.   The AOL article seems accessible only to AOL subscribers, but the actual site is here (it makes you agree to a disclaimer) is here. Again, this is an amalgamation of public records.  
I would suspect that if you use the site, you can expect the target to know about it if he or she also subscribes. 
It is pretty obvious that this kind of facility can be horribly abused.
Many communities put their real estate records online, which could be accessed for wrongful intentions. 
The illustration shows, White can be checkmated in two moves.  It actually takes White three moves to confer the shortest possible mate. 

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