Friday, April 10, 2015

AOL reports on another public records reporting company, "Background Alert"

AOL has told its subscribers about another company that aggregates public records on people and allows customers (presumably paying) to look up anyone.  This one is called “Background Alert”, here.
The article says some people find it addictive.  I personally don’t do this, even though I paid for a membership to “Been Verified”. (“Instant Checkmate” is another such company, and this doesn’t mean a chess endgame stalemate draw.)  Presumably, the site would tell you if someone looks you up – if you’re a member. It’s easy to imagine how public records data aggregation sites like this could be misused by “enemies”, loan wolves and the like, as discussed on the news.   They do appear to be entirely legal, and I would expect CNN to report on them one of these days. 

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