Thursday, December 15, 2016

Yahoo! coughs up one billion identities to hackers

Here we go again, with another major hack, this time, over one billion Yahoo account, as reported, for example, by Tech Crunch,

Credit card and bank info was not taken.  There is such a huge cache that it sounds improbable that any one person would be targeted for identity theft.

On the other hand, you can't change your birthdate, and changing your name is impractical.  (Oh, in fifth grade, a girl wanted to change her name because I teased her over the "Life with Elizabeth" show -- and "Elizabeth, aren't you ashamed?"  Head shaken.  Betsy is a nickname for Elizabeth.)

My own Yahoo account no longer exists, it seems.  It was used during the glory days of GLIL.

Yup, there is even more pressure for everyone to move to two-factor authentication everywhere.

Here's a video on how to tell if your Yahoo! account is hacked.

YouTube has a lot of videos on how to hack Yahoo! (just type in that key search argument).