Thursday, March 02, 2017

Private domain name registration is another prophylactic against identity theft

Verio (the ISP that hosts my legacy “” site) sent a email today “8 things you can do to prevent identity theft”.  While most of them are pretty much the same standard recommendations as always, one of them stands out: “Enroll all your domains in domain privacy”.

Generally private domain registration is only slightly more expensive than standard.

The email (I couldn’t find a URL reference for it) makes an interesting point.  A criminal could try to impersonate you based on the information on public registration.

It would get hard, though, it you use a business address (or a land address like a UPS store) and pat attention to your credit cards and financial accounts.  It’s also helpful to pay attention to references to your domain name online or your name (online reputation).

Two or three times, I’ve gotten unsolicited lines of credit (for hundreds of thousands of dollars each) sent to my UPS store in my business name,  I find no evidence that they have been used, but I wonder why people would offer them to me,  But if one were used, the purchase would have to go somewhere, which would identify the party.
I’ve also gotten inquiries as to registering my domain name in China (odd), and all kinds of procurement and collection deals from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.   But I don’t think I’m responsible for anything someone does in China – unless I visit there.

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