Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dallas Cowboys potential player dropped after real life identity theft in a convenience store robbery; will he be reinstated?

Identity theft can result in job loss or being cut from a pro sports team, as Lucky Whitehead was dropped from the Dallas Cowboys after someone was arrested in Prince William County, Virginia for a theft at a convenience school and claimed to be him, even with social security number.  NBC News has a typical story here.

Lucky maintains he even wasn’t in Virginia at the time of the offense. But it appears that so far the Cowboys are unwilling to reinstate him, saying there had already been some other problems (story). So he was not “lucky”.

It seems that sometimes you are responsible for the use of your own identity, no matter what. 

Ironically, there is a another story where a University of Oregon Ducks football player was arrested for perpetrating identity theft.

Update: Aug. 10

Whitehead has been reported to be picked up by the New York Jets.

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