Friday, August 18, 2017

People misidentified as marching with right wing in Charlottesville get doxed

Misidentification of people at the Charlottesville riots (mostly of people in the extreme right wings groups) has been taking place, with doxing and various threats to some people.
MSN has republished a story from the New York Times, by Daniel Victor, “Amateur sleuths aim to identify Charlottesville marchers, but sometimes misfire”, here

The story concerns a University of Arkansas professor at the engineering school misidentified was a protestor wearing a shirt from the school.  You can imagine what followed.

The article examines how the establishment press verifies identities. 

Amateur sleuths do risk getting sued, but the targets may be in danger from some time.

This could become an existential problem in social media. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Chip credit card technology is not perfect

ABC News reports that chips have been falling out of a few of the new chip cards, leaving consumers vulnerable, story here.
It’s possible for a thief to use a chip that had been found on another credit card.  So now there is a "chip hack".


It’s also possible for some smart phones to swipe a chip by being very new it.