Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Experian offers Dark Web scan

Experian is offering a Dark Web scan of any username based on an email, at “Experian.com/scan”I tr.
I tried it and the scan found just four records dating back to 2006.  But the most recent was in December 2016.

Experian usually can’t identify an exact Dark Web source.
Reputation.com has also said it looks at the Dark Web.

Experian is offering an identity protection service, but I have Lifelock through AOL.
Experian is the successor of TRW. Which merged with Chilton in 1989.  Chilton had been located in Dallas, the Oak Lawn area (where I worked 1981-1988);  now it is located in McKinney, TX on US 175, north of Plano, as well as other places.

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