Thursday, October 05, 2017

Can public record searches of property be done for nefarious purposes?

What do property records show for the idly curious?

Here’s an article .

I think it’s interesting that you can find out if a couple living in a home is going through a divorce, and might sell for less.  Sounds creepy.

There are all kinds of potential information available, such as trust ownership, trustees, the presence of inheritances or estates, and possibly home-based businesses or controversial activities.  But a lot of it might be very hard to find in some communities.  Generally, the development and clientization (with modern database management systems) of big geographical systems concerning property is likely to make more of this kind of information avaible to snoops over time.

Looking up property might be done in tandem with looking up individuals on various sites, discussed here before.  I think this can get dangerous because some individuals might be politically motivated to look up such information, rather than simply jealous over the loss of a relationship (like for stalking).
I’ll note also that real estate sites like Zillow will, in my experience, tend to overstate the values of many properties, given the comps of what neighboring properties have actually sold for. And it may be harder to determine the physical condition of a home.