Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Identity theft of the deceased is increasing

Identity theft of a deceased person seems to be increasing.

AARP has a list of tips that estate executors should follow, here.  For sure, notify Social Security (not doing so and allowing payments to continue may be a crime), and notify the state to revoke a driver’s license.  Credit card companies will not allow cards in their name to continue and to try to use it as a “trust” card could be illegal (even though the executor pays the bills properly). The executor must replace the card with the executor’s or trust name on it.
The IRS recommends sending a death certificate copy to each major credit reporting company. 
The Digital Executor nomination becomes of issue here.  Most social media companies will delete accounts with no activity at all after some period of time.  Hosted accounts would expire for lack of payment (as could domain names).

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Vehicle identity theft, warning from Experian

Experian is warning consumers about “Vehicle ID theft”, whereby thieves use stolen VIN info to drive away a car from a lot and saddle you with the debt.  Experians’s link on the problem is here
Thieves would need to steal vehicle registration to make the scam work.
The problem would seem to happen at motels where travelers cannot see their cars.

Also, look at the problem of car dealer ID theft here