Sunday, January 20, 2019

Experian notes an id-theft risk in a popular game; Can credit-scoring companies develop a way to allow for the federal shutdown?

Experian has a detailed article by Matt Tatham on some consumer gamer vulnerabilities with Fortnite, apparently leading to some compromises of PII and even identity theft.
This reminds me of the idea of identity theft on a platform like Second Life.

Experian, by the way, is the successor to Chilton (through TRW) which I worked for in the 1980s.  Maybe somebody there remembers me (in Dallas).

I wanted to note also that for several months I got emails claiming to be from Apple about numerous (perhaps dozens) games I had supposedly purchased in Indonesia and Belarus (a particularly vulnerable country).  No, obvious spam, I think (although it simulated an Apple address, but no statement ever showed up on my cards).  It sounds possible that there is a digital copy of me overseas, maybe created by the Russians.  Could this be a problem if I travel overseas?   They’ve never shown up on my credit reports. 
I also want to note that, although I didn't work on the Fair Isaacs credit scoring (then called "Risk Predictor") interface, some coworkers did and I am somewhat familiar with it.  It strikes me that credit reporting companies should develop a way to account for missed payments from federal workers "taken hostage" by the president and Congress.  Technically, I know it can be done.  So do it.

Picture: where I lived in 1979, near Dallas North Tollway at Cedar Springs; new apartment complex replaced the old Embarcadero on Lucas St. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Darkening of FTC during shutdown increases risk of identity theft

Apparently the Federal Trade Commission is dark during the shutdown, increasing the risk of identity theft from hackers or even pickpockets.  NBC News reports.

Major incidents are already reported.

Furthermore, a complaint to the FTC about possible payment processor collusion against some content creators using patronage systems online won’t get started right now.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Experian analyzes the risk to average consumers from data breaches

For the New Year, Experian (aka TRW aka Chilton) has some embeddable charts on “where your personal information is most at risk” from 2018. From data breaches.

Or this one, data records lost by industry

Most of these breaches are so massive that the practical risk for any person is very low.  And more of them seem to come from foreign states.