Sunday, February 03, 2019

Google's interest in "replacing" the URL system recalls the DNS crisis of 2008, any connection?

There are recent reports that Google is working on other ways of identifying website addresses as well as conventional domain-oriented URL’s.

Since domains are mapped to IP addresses, often on hosted servers, and propagated worldwide, it isn’t clear if this refers to that concept, or the tendency of many sites to add unnecessary qualifiers when offering popup links to sites, as from emails.  This practice facilitates phishing.

Ars technical has a typical story by Peter Bright on Sept. 5.  

The story reminds me of the controversy in the summer of 2008, when a Finnish researcher found a security flaw in the DNS mapping system, resulting in a big emergency conference at Microsoft near Seattle.

Microsoft offers enterprises a service called Azure, cloud-hosted, that also seems to break away from URL dependency.
And more and more sites encourage smart phone users to load their apps rather than use URL’s in browsers.